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Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS)



The first Fish Health Funded Project.  Chaired by Jeff Malison.


The overall goal is to minimize the risk of spreading VHS and other fish diseases into fish farms and wild waterways throughout the North Central Region (NCR). Specific objectives are:

1. Determine the safety and efficacy of iodine disinfection on walleye and northern pike eggs infected with VHS.

2. Prepare and electronically disseminate a VHS “response” packet that specifically targets fish farm producers. The packet would address aspects of the disease (clinical signs, routes of transmission) and prevention practices to minimize introduction and spread. The packet will also contain websites and information  sources where fish farmers can obtain the most current, up-to-date status of the disease.

3. Conduct a series of six biosecurity workshops held at different fish farms across the region, targeting different production systems (flow-through, pond, and recirculation systems).

4. Utilize the existing Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Training Curriculum to develop specific fish disease HACCP plans for each of the six facilities involved in the workshops.

5. Develop and distribute three model fish disease HACCP plans (one each for flow-through, pond, and recirculation systems), relying heavily on the specific plans developed under Objective 4.

6. Produce a fish farm biosecurity video that incorporates different system types and footage shot at the workshops, and distribute this video to end users via DVD and internet streaming videos.


Principal Investigator(s)/InstitutionObjectivesFunding
Jeffrey J. Rach (USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center)1$111,960
Glenda D. Dvorak (Iowa State University Center for Food Security and Public Health)2-3$25,000
Ronald E. Kinnunen (Michigan State University)3-6$4,200
Jeffrey A. Malison (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Northern Aquaculture DemonstrationFacility)3-6$56,800
 Total    $197,960

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