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Professional Development Training in the North Central Region



This project will design and implement a leadership development and training program. The immediate impact will be on the individual participants who will learn to prioritize projects and engage members in the association in efforts to solve industry issues


  1. Assess the status of aquaculture associations in the NCR.
  2. Develop strategies to enhance association leadership and participation (e.g., workshops, mentoring, messaging, communication, member satisfaction, improve communication, incentivizing member participation).

  3.  Conduct training programs for individuals from state and multistate association(s) that support regional aquaculture development.

  4. Prepare educational materials which facilitate the association development processes.


Principal Investigator (Institution)


Carole Engle/Paul Zajicek (Engle-Stone/NAA)  2-4 $64,000
Chris Weeks (Michigan State University)  3 $3,000
Nicholas Phelps  3 $3,000

Project Outline

Termination Report


Project Number: 27

Award Amount


Award Number


Principal Investigator

Carole Engle