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A NCRAC-Sea Grant Partnership for Regional Aquaculture Extension Focused on Marketing and Consumer Demand



The overall goal of the project is increased consumer awareness of and demand for the locally grown, healthy protein that aquaculture provides resulting in a more resilient, profitable aquaculture industry.

Chaired by Tomas O. Hook



  1. Hire a regional aquaculture extension specialist housed at Purdue University and jointly appointed in the North Central Region Sea Grant Programs and serving all 12 states of the North-Central Region.
  2. Conduct a regional needs assessment to better understand what consumer- and marketing-oriented aquaculture programming is being done and how to best use extension to address needs and impediments.
  3. Work with existing personnel throughout the North Central Region to develop and deliver extension programming to address consumer needs and impediments aimed at all of the states in the North Central Region.
  4. Coordinate development of regional aquaculture extension networks by serving as a liaison among the Sea Grant programs, partnering universities, NCRAC stakeholders, and other stakeholders throughout the North Central Region.
  5. Use quantitative and qualitative evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the specialist’s program and to help plan subsequent years of the program.
  6. Partner with stakeholders to develop funding extending beyond the initial two-year period.

Comprehensive Project Outline


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Principal Investigator

Tomas O. Hook, Ph.D. Replaced by J. S. Carlton, Ph.D.