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Management of Snails for Grub Control



A project on management (biological, chemical,physical) of snails for grub control.  This project is chaired by Gregory W. Whitledge, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

The objectives of this project are:

1. Investigate one or more methods of potentially useful approaches to snail population management and/or grub control. The methods of greatest interest include those that will be effective, economical, and approvable by state and federal regulators at commercial production scale.  These methods will include reviewing what has been done elsewhere and designing studies that will address the NCRAC conditions, especially in pond systems for the production of economically important food fish for the region. Attempts will be made to investigate and refine these methods.

2. Assemble an updatable snail management guide which includes a literature review of known control options, a method of determining snail infestation levels in any water system, and a set of standard operating procedures to reduce snail populations and trematode infestations based on the research cited in Objective 1.


Principal Investigator(s)/InstitutionObjectivesFunding
Gregory W. Whitledge (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)1$121,340
Christopher F. Hartleb & Todd Huspeni (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)1$83,160
Joseph E. Morris & Richard D. Clayton (Iowa State University)2$20,500

Non-funded Collaborators:

Blue Iris Fish FarmBill West
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer ProtectionMyron Kebus

Project outline (178K)

Progress Report (150k)

Termination Report (173k)

Final Termination Report

Snail Management 2014 Annual Report_0.pdf

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