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Largemouth Bass Funded Project



The first largemouth bass funded project.  Chaired by Chris Kohler.


  1. Assess diet and environmental factors that affect growth and health of largemouth bass raised to 1.5 lb in ponds with formulated feed.
  2. Develop cost-effective finisher diets that enhance health and growth of largemouth bass.
  3. Conduct a region-wide workshop on raising largemouth bass to 1.5 lb in ponds based, at least, on the results of the research activities in Objectives 1 and 2.


Principal Investigator(s)/InstitutionObjectivesFunding
Paul B. Brown (Purdue University)   1 & 2$80,000
Christopher C. Kohler(Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)   1 & 2$80,000
Joseph E. Morris (Iowa State University)      3$10,000

Project Outline (111K)

Termination Report

Project Number: 1

Award Amount


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