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Improving Salmonid Aquaculture in the North Central Region


(funded project #4)


The fourth Salmonid Funded Project.   Chaired by Paul Brown


  1. Develop and evaluate practical and economically viable diets that are fish-meal free or as fish-meal free as practical:
    • using soy, or other oil-seed products that are regionally available, and
    • using Shasta, Donaldson and Kamloop strains of rainbow trout and/or Arctic charr for the evaluation.
  2. Evaluate the effects of water temperature on the growth/stress response in salmonid strains or species (as listed in Objective 1) under outdoor commercial culture conditions in the upper and lower portions of the North Central Region.
  3. Investigate the effects of trace mineral supplementation on the growth and stress response of rainbow trout in high density culture, as evaluated by plasma cortisol levels and fin-nipping behavior.


Principal Investigator/Institution Objectives


Paul B. Brown (Purdue University)        1


Donald L. Garling (Michigan State University)      1 & 3


Konrad Dabrowski (Ohio State University)        1


Jeffrey A. Malison (University of Wisconsin-Madison)        2





Project Outline (219K pdf file)

Termination Report (65K pdf file)

Project Number: 4

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