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Funded Project #3 - NCRAC Extension Project



The third “Base” Project was chaired by Don Garling.  The objectives of the project include:

  1. Strengthen linkages between North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC) Research and Extension Work Groups.
  2. Enhance the NCRAC extension network for aquaculture information transfer.
  3. Provide in-service training for Cooperative Extension Service, Sea Grant Advisory Service,  and other landowner assistance personnel.
  4. Develop and implement aquaculture educational programs for the North Central Region (NCR).
  5. Develop aquaculture materials for the NCR including extension fact sheets, bulletins, manuals/guides, and instructional videotapes.


Principal Investigator(s)/Institution Objectives


LaDon Swann (Purdue University)    1-4

$  9,800

Daniel A. Selock (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)    1-4


Joseph E. Morris (Iowa State University)    1-5


F. Robert Henderson (Kansas State University)    1-4

$  3,000

Donald L. Garling (Michigan State University)    1-4


Ronald E. Kinnunen (Michigan State University)    1-4


Anne R. Kapuscinski/David J. Landkamer (University of Minnesota)    1-4

 $  7,500

Robert A. Pierce (University of Missouri)    1-4

$  4,000

Terrence B. Kayes (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)    1-4

$  4,500

Frank R. Lichtkoppler/Fred L. Synder (Ohio State University)    1-4

$  6,500

Fred P. Kinkowski (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)    1-4





Project Outline (207K pdf file)

Report (93K pdf file)

Project Progress (220k)

Project Number: 3

Award Amount


Award Number