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Funded Project #25 - Youth Education in Aquaculture (YEA)



The Twenty-fifth Project - Chaired by Barbara Evans


  1. To assess the level of aquaculture curricula/programs in high schools throughout Michigan and Wisconsin.
  2. Develop a web-based platform that:
    1. Allows assessment of the level and distribution of aquaculture curricula throughout the region
    2. Will be accessible by the schools to link the programs and
    3. Is expandable to all states in NCRAC and possibly to other RAC’s
  3. Develop incentives for the students to solve aquaculture problems such as expansion of the “Aquaculture Challenge”. Competitions should be scalable to other states within NCRAC.


Principal Investigator/InstutitionObjectivesFunding
Barbara Evans and Chris Smith (Lake Superior State University)   1, 2 & 3$34,950

Project Outline

Termination Report

Project Number: 25

Award Amount


Award Number


Principal Investigator

Barbara Evans