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Funded Project #21 - 3rd Regional Aquaculture Extension Specialist (RAES) Project



The twenty-first project - Chaired by Christopher Weeks


  1. Continue RAES support to the NCR aquaculture community through ongoing activities in areas of liaison services, leadership, assessing and addressing industry needs, and information transfer.
  2. Develop and implement strategies to address and promote aquaculture sustainability in the NCR.
  3. Develop and strengthen partnerships from within the NCR and outside the region among regulatory agencies, industry, academia, and other relevant entities to foster open, meaningful dialog on critical issues and build support for the NCR aquaculture industry.
  4. Coordinate efforts for seeking non-NCRAC support for NCR aquaculture development.
  5. Examine regional aquaculture development and assess NCRAC research and extension activities in terms of impacts on the NCR aquaculture industry.  Make recommendations for improving NCRAC projects in terms of incorporating measures of program success.


Principal Investigator/InstutitionObjectivesFunding
Christopher Weeks (Michigan State)1-5$196.612

RAES Project Outline (final).pdf


Project Number: 21

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