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Funded Project #16 - NCRAC Extension Project



The sixteenth "Base" Project - Chaired by D. Allen Pattillo


     1. Enhance the NCRAC extension network for aquaculture information transfer.
     2. Develop and implement aquaculture educational programs and materials for the North Central Region (NCR).

Principal Investigator (Institution) Objective(s) Total
D. Allen Pattillo (Iowa State University) 1 & 2 $23,175

Non-funded Collaborators

Collaborator - Institution
Dennis E. Bauer (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Mark E. Clark (North Dakota State)
Paul Hitchens (Southern Illinois Univ. - Carbondale)
Ronald E. Kinnunen (Michigan State University)
Charles D. Lee (Kansas State University)
Alvaro Garcia (South Dakota State University)
Nicholas Phelps (University of Minnesota)
Robert Pierce II (University of Missouri)
Kwamena K. Quagrainie (Purdue University)
Chris Weeks (Michigan State University

Base Extension Project Outline 2015


Project Number: 16

Award Amount


Award Number


Principal Investigator

D. Allen Pattillo