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Funded Project #12 - NCRAC Extension Project- Addendum



The twelfth project - Chaired by Joseph Morris


1. To develop an online Fish Health Certificate Program for producers, providing them with relevant risk assessment and management principles and practices to reduce losses due to fish diseases and set up mechanisms to collect data on the impact of the training on the individual fish operations and the industry in general.

2. Development and presentation on workshops focused on AIS-HACCP training.


Principal Investigator/InstutitionObjectivesFunding
Glenda D. Dvorak (Iowa State University)1$6,153
Christopher F. Hartleb (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)1$6,780
Myron J. Kebus (Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection)1[$4,000]
Jeannette McDonald (University of Wisconsin-Madison)1$37,572
Ronald E. Kinnunen (Michigan State University)2$10,000


1Totals are not a summation of the numbers above because the budgets for Myron Kebus’ involvement are included in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s budget.

Project Outline (180K)

Termination Report


Project Number: 12

Award Amount


Award Number

2007-38500-18469 and 2008-38500-19157