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Field Assessment of Design and Operation of Midwestern Aquaculture Buildings



We propose to conduct comprehensive environmental and energy audits of five representative facilities during winter and summer, develop solutions to observed problems, and to disseminate findings and recommendations via publications and presentations to producers, consultants, extension personnel, and other stakeholders.


  1. Evaluate the approach and effectiveness of the environmental control currently being used in representative commercial aquaculture operations in the Midwest.
  2. Determine most cost-effective methods to control condensation in aquaculture buildings.
  3. Determine the most efficient and practical heating and ventilation systems for aquaculture buildings based on sound engineering principles.
  4. Troubleshoot environmental problems observed in commercial aquaculture operations.
Principal Investigator (Institution)Objective(s) Total
Albert J. Heber  (Purdue University)1-4$34,998

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Principal Investigator

Albert J. Heber