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Evaluation of Alternative Management Techniques and Systems to Improve Production of Pond-Reared Yellow Perch: Modeling the U.S. Catfish Industry



The U.S. catfish industry encountered a similar need to be efficient and competitive and developed intensive aeration and split pond designs to increase production levels and ultimately bottom lines. Similar strategies may be applicable to NCR pond production but need to undergo “Proof-of-concept” on-farm trials prior to dissemination to the yellow perch industry and other NCR industries.

Chaired by Matthew A. Smith


  1. Evaluate water quality parameters, fish growth, condition, feed conversion, final length frequencies, survival, specific growth rates, and feeding rates of first-year yellow perch fingerlings (stocked at twice normal rate) provided with either intensive aeration or using an aerated split pond design.
  2. Collect the economic data of producing first year yellow perch in either an intensively aerated or an aerated split pond design.
  3. Compare these data to long-term historical pond data (stocked at the normal rate) available from both Millcreek Perch Farm and Brehm Perch Farm.
  4. To immediately disseminate results to industry via final termination report, fact sheet, presentations, and other information technology transfer strategies.
Principal Investigator (Institution)Objective(s) Total
Matthew A. Smith  (Ohio State University)1-4$30,838

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