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Establishing Largemouth Bass Strains for Rapid Growth to 1.5 Pounds in the North Central Region



The second largemouth bass project. Chaired by Brian Small.


  1. Identify the best genetically distinct largemouth bass populations for fast growth in the NCR.
  2. Conduct a meta-analysis using all appropriate data for largemouth bass from both published and non-published sources to identify at minimum three populations of LMB with the potential to exhibit rapid growth to target weight in the NCR.
  3. Evaluate the identified populations at two or more latitudes in the NCR to identify the optimal source population


InstitutionPrincipal InvestigatorObjectivesYear 1Year 2Total
The Ohio State UniversityHanping Wang/David Glover1 - 3$41,031$34,800$75,831
Southern Illinois UniversityBrian Small/Paul Hitchens1 - 3$37,664$41,505$79,169
 TOTAL   $155,000

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Termination Report

Project Number: 2

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