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Educating a workforce for the aquaculture industry: Matching skill needs of the aquaculture industry with U.S. career and technical education (CTE)



We plan to develop aquaculture workshops focusing on the needs of the schools and Extension educators, as well as provide access funding for them to attend these workshops. A basic education in aquaculture opens the door for students to attend universities with potential careers in business, engineering and the life sciences, all vital skills required by the aquaculture industry.

Chaired by Dr. Barbara Evans


1. Assess the workforce needs for the aquaculture industry throughout the 12 states of the North Central Region (NCR). Identify which skills are needed in the workforce to promote industry growth.

2. Assess the level of youth focused aquaculture curricula/programs in the NCR. Identify schools with a Career and Technical Education (CTE) certification in the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources career cluster that includes aquaculture. Identify other youth aquaculture related activities.

3. Integrate industry and high school/youth career center information through a web-based platform that:

  a) creates awareness of the aquaculture industry skill needs

  b) allows assessment of the level and distribution of aquaculture curricula

  c) utilizes the web-based platform ( to co-develop curricula to address industry needs

  d) creates incentives for youth to pursue aquaculture skills training

4. Create and promote aquaculture workshops for educators and Extension professionals and provide access funding for them to attend existing workshops.

5. Identify community colleges or universities with aquaculture courses/programs, and create opportunities for interested students to be dual enrolled in existing college classes, or "less than class size" internship opportunities at fish farms and hatcheries.

Institution/CompanyPrincipal InvestigatorsObjectivesYear 1Year 2Total
Lake Superior State Univ.B. Evans, H. Helal1,2,3,4,536,04742,54978,596
Univ. of WI - Stevens PointC. Hartleb, K. Slemmons4,531,66632,33464,000
Iowa State Univ.D. A. Pattillo1,2,422,72022,72045,440

Project Outline

Termination Report


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Principal Investigator

Dr. Barbara I. Evans