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Culture Technology of Salmonids #3


(funded project #3)


The third Salmonids Funded Project.  Chaired by Ron Rosati (Terry Berry became Chair on 4/9/96).


  1. Develop practical rainbow trout diets using regionally available feed ingredients, including fish meal analogs.
    • Evaluate the effects of feed binders in diets formulated from locally available plant ingredients on trout performance and the stability of trout feces to enhance the removal of solids from hatchery effluents.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of phytase treatment of plant feed ingredients on phosphorous and protein availability to trout.
    • Develop and evaluate fish meal-free diets using regionally available feed ingredients.
  3. Use stress response as a selection tool for developing strains of trout having improved performance under conditions found in the North Central Region.
  4. Use stress and performance responses in trout to evaluate culture system design and operation under practical conditions.


Principal Investigator/InstitutionObjectivesFunding
Ronald R. Rosati (Illinois State University)     1$13,000
Paul B. Brown (Purdue University)     1$35,000
Donald L. Garling (Michigan State University)     1$37,000
Konrad Dabrowski (Ohio State University)     1$29,290
Terrence B. Kayes (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)     1-3$40,000
Jeffrey A. Malison/Terence P. Barry (University of Wisconsin-Madison)     2$45,000

Project Outline  (254K pdf file)

Termination Report (38K pdf file)

Project Number: 3

Award Amount


Award Number