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Culture Technology of Salmonids #1


(funded project 1)


The first Salmonids Funded Project.   Chaired by Paul Brown


  1. To produce all-female stocks of rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon for diploid and sterile triploid production.
  2. To develop diets that are less polluting.


Principal Investigator/InstitutionObjectivesFunding
James E. Seeb (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)      1$39,299
Anne R. Kapuscinski (University of Minnesota)      1$20,500
Paul B. Brown (Purdue University)      2$35,000
Donald L. Garling (Michigan State University)      2$35,000

Project Outline (173K pdf file)
Report (Termination for Objective1) (55K pdf file)

Report (Termination for Objective 2) (38K pdf file)

Other Resources:

Project Number: 1

Award Amount


Award Number

89-38500-4319 ($9,000) and 90-38500-5008 ($120,799)