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Culture Technology of Hybrid Striped Bass (HSB Project #5)



The fifth Hybrid Striped Bass Project.  Chaired by Chris Kohler


1. Examine fry (phase I) to fingerling (phase II) production of three strains of white bass and three strains of reciprocal-cross hybrid striped bass in ponds with and without lights and vibrating feeders.

2. Conduct field testing of fingerling (phase II) to advanced fingerling (phase III) production of three strains of reciprocal-cross hybrid striped bass in various culture systems.

3. Extension component:

     a. Coordinate selection of various culture systems and implement field testing (fingerling to advanced fingerling to food size).

     b. Write an initial culture manual using the information generated by all the hybrid striped bass research sponsored by the NCRAC.

     c. Produce associated fact sheets, bulletins, and videos for hybrid striped bass research in the North Central Region.


Principal Investigator(s)/InstitutionObjectivesFunding
Christopher C. Kohler/Robert J. Sheehan (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale) 1 - 3$83,000
Jeffrey A. Malison (University of Wisconsin-Madison)    1$5,000
Terrence B. Kayes (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)  1 & 3$0
Paul B. Brown (Purdue University)     2$36,000
Michael L. Brown (South Dakota State University)     2$18,000
Joseph E. Morris (Iowa State University)     3$5,000
Fred P. Binkowski (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)     3$3,000

Project Outline (200K pdf file)

Report (Termination for Objective 3) (50K pdf file)

Report (Terminiation for Objectives 1 & 2) (59K pdf file)

Project Number: 5

Award Amount


Award Number