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Baitfish Funded Project #2



This project is chaired by Joe Morris, Iowa State University.  The following objectives are to be addressed.

1. Determine what techniques and strategies for early season, indoor spawning of golden shiners and subsequent stocking into ponds will result in growth to 76 mm (3 in) by November 1 of that year.

2. Develop economically viable culture techniques and strategies for growing spotfin shiners to a market size (greater than 51 mm [2 in]).

3. Provide regular research updates related to this project to the baitfish industry through Web-based technologies, newsletters, fact sheets, workshops, and/or technical bulletins.


Joseph E. Morris/ISU1$50,896
Gregory J. Fischer/UW-SP2$47,500
Jeffery A. Malison/UW-Mad2$47,500
Fred P. Binkoswki2$44,104
Jeffrey L. Gunderson3$10,000

Outline (2.47 MB)

Termination Report (172 KB)

Published: September 1, 2006

Project Number: 2

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