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Aquaculture Wastes and Effluents



The second Wastes/Effluents Funded Project.   Chaired by Fred Binkowski.

1.  Study and evaluate solid waste management by:

     a. Describing the relevant physical characteristics of fecal material from fish fed commonly used commercial feeds,

     b. Developing diets to maximize integrity of fecal pellets without loss of fish performance and compare the physical characteristics of these pellets to those in subobjective a, and 

     c. Developing operational and engineering solutions to minimize destruction of larger particles and to remove all particulates.

2. Develop a report that:   

     a. Describes the potential benefits of aquaculture by-products (effluents and solids) in the context of Integrated Resource Management and Sustainable Development. 
     b. Characterizes the difference between the aquaculture discharges and other agricultural and industrial discharges, and
     c.  Identify case studies of previous controversies highlighting real versus perceived impacts of aquaculture.


Principal Investigator/Institution Objectives


Fred P. Binkowski (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) 1a, 1b, & 2 a-c


Christopher C. Kohler (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)   1a & 1b


Ira R. Adelman (University of  Minnesota)   1a & 1c





Project Outline (196K pdf file)

Report (Progress) (58K pdf file)

Report (Termination for Objective 2) (55K pdf file)

Project Number: 2

Award Amount


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