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Aquacultural Wastes and Effluents: Their Characteristics, Removal, and Beneficial Uses



The third Wastes/Effluents Funded Project.  Chaired by Bob Summerfelt


1. Document the fate of aquaculture waste components (phosphorus, nitrogen, solids) relative to feed input into traditional and newly designed aquaculture systems.

2. Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of rapid solids removal/recovery appropriate for new aquaculture facility designs.

3. Demonstrate economically sound processing methods for beneficial use of aquaculture waste.

4. Provide workshops and fact sheets that address best management practices (BMPs) for waste control.


Principal Investigator/Institution Objectives


Robert C. Summerfelt (Iowa State University)  1, 2 & 4


Jeffrey A. Malison/Douglas J. Reinemann (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)       2


Fred P. Binkowski/Steven E. Yeo (University of Wisconsin-Madison)       3





Project Outline (272K pdf file)

Termination Report

Effluent Proceedings (1.02 MB pdf file)

Project Number: 3

Award Amount


Award Number

00-38500-8984 ($106,186) and 2001-38500-10369 ($88,814)