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Advancing Hybrid Striped Bass Culture in the NCR



The first funded project for Hybrid Striped Bass. Chaired by Chris Kohler


1. Obtain and maintain (in captivity) populations of spawning size white bass and striped bass.

2. Define reproductive development in wild and captive white bass by characterizing seasonal changes in hormone titers and gonadal histology.

3. Evaluate the effects of selected photoperiod/temperature and hormonal manipulations on gonadal development and spawning in white bass brood stock.


Principal Investigator(s)/InstitutionObjectivesFunding
Christopher C. Kohler/Robert J. Sheehan (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)    1-3$85,620
Terrence B. Kayes/Jeffrey A. Malison (University of Wisconsin-Madison)    1-3$50,790

Project Outline (150K pdf file)

Termination Report (98K pdf file)

Project Number: 1

Award Amount


Award Number

88-38500-3885 ($68,296) and 89-38500-4319 ($68,114)