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Advancing Aquaculture in the Midwestern Region


Project Summary

For Midwestern aquaculture to grow, two questions must be answered; how to support producers as they explore new markets and how to design aquaculture systems capable of maximizing business performance and economic success. Market development is a key element of running an aquaculture business, yet limited information is available about producer’s current market practices. A limited number of NCR producers grow fish to marketable size and sell products to live food markets. Larger urban markets exist in St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago and other large Midwest cities. Producer research is needed to gather information from existing businesses relative to the market opportunities recently identified in the region for a variety of aquaculture products (e.g., food fish, baitfish, sport fish, shrimp).  The project’s ultimate goal is to provide information and intelligence needed to develop new, and expand existing, aquaculture businesses in the Midwestern United States. 


1-Summarize trends and outlook for U.S. and Midwestern aquaculture. 

2-Conduct a needs assessment of existing Midwestern aquaculture producers. 

3-Broaden existing Missouri market survey to include Midwestern aquaculture. 

4-Craft business model scenarios and enterprise budgets for next-generation Midwestern aquaculture operations.

5-Promote aquaculture educational materials through events, social media websites and other communications.

Duration:  1.5 Years (January 1, 2024-June 30, 2025)


PI:  David Brune-University of Missouri

Co-PI:  Paul Brown-Purdue University

Co-PI:  Dong-Fang Deng-University of Wisconsin

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