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Advancement of and a Market Study for Walleye Aquaculture



The sixth Walleye Funded Project.   Chaired by Terry Kayes, followed by Bob Summerfelt


  1. Evaluate growth, feed efficiency, and stress responses as functions of density, loading, temperature, and feeding regimes (feeding rate and frequency) under tank and open-pond rearing conditions for raising juvenile walleye to food size.
  2. Characterize the economics and institutional aspects of the domestic market for walleye as food fish, fingerlings, and other intermediate products.
  3. Offer several workshops in the North Central Region using extension materials (fact sheets, videos, etc.) and other information that has or will be developed necessary to demonstrate the technology of culturing walleye and its hybrids.
  4. Complete performance evaluations of walleye x sauger hybrids to finalize research initiated during the June 1993 2-year proposal period, including studies on fillet yield, proximate analysis, and organoleptic properties.


Principal Investigator/InstitutionObjectivesFunding
David H. Wahl (Illinois Natural History Survey)      1$11,725
Patrick D. O'Rourke (Illinois State University)      2$13,239
Marshall A. Martin/Jean Riepe (Purdue University)      2$25,355
Robert C. Summerfelt (Iowa State University)   1 & 3$37,430
Kenneth E. Neils (Kansas State University)      2$0
Ronald E. Kinnunen (Michigan State University)      3$4,395
Jeffrey L. Gunderson (University of Minnesota-Duluth)      3$977
Terrence B. Kayes (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)    1-4$43,572
Jay A. Leitch (North Dakota State University)      2 $9,771
Jeffrey A. Malison (University of Wisconsin-Madison)   1 & 4$30,766

Project Outline (282K pdf file)

Termination Report (56K pdf file)

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Project Number: 6

Award Amount


Award Number

94-38500-0048 ($117,395) and 95-38500-1410 ($59,835)