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3rd National Aquaculture Extension Workshop/Conference



This third Workshop/Conference for Extension was chaired by Kevin Fitzsimmons.


  1. Learn successful approaches to problem-solving through case studies that can be replicated in other states, i.e., lessons learned.
  2. Demonstrate and conduct hands-on experience with state-of-the-art computer applications for improving delivery of extension programs.
  3. Identify national extension priorities and critical issues with development of corresponding action plans for implementation.
  4. Identify potential interregional extension projects, such as curriculum development or national decision-support databases.
  5. Share educational materials and programs in addition to expertise.
  6. Strengthen regional and national communication networks to improve services to our clientele.
  7. Develop international linkages with extension professionals in Mexico and Canada.
  8. Examine successful extension components and outcomes to research projects and develop approaches to improve integration nationwide.
  9. Develop a collective strategy to define extension’s role in measuring impacts of Regional Aquaculture Center (RAC) projects and collaboration with others in academia and private sector.
  10. Improve business management skills related to aquaculture and enhance knowledge concerning marketing of aquatic products.
  11. Develop a method to evaluate the impact and accomplishments associated with the conference after six months.


Principal Investigator(s)/Institution Objectives Funding
Kevin Fitzsimmons (U. of Arizona) 1-11 $4,500



Workshop Outline.pdf

Project Number: 4

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