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1st National Aquaculture Extension Workshop/Conference



This first Workshop/Conference for Extension was chaired by Carol Engle.


  1. Improve Extension’s information and delivery system for aquaculture in concert with industry areas of high priority.
  2. Enhance the development of new state Extension educational programs in aquaculture by highlighting innovative programs.
  3. Examine the scope of Extension efforts in aquaculture at the state, regional, national, and international levels.
  4. Evaluate the role and effectiveness of Extension activities within the USDA Regional Aquaculture Centers program and pursue actions of enhancement.
  5. Identify opportunities and needs to enhance the development of regional and interregional Extension programs in aquaculture.
  6. Strengthen communication networks and exchanges of materials, programs, and expertise among aquaculture Extension staff.
  7. Examine team building and multidisciplinary approaches to Extension programming in aquaculture.
  8. Address national and regional issues impacting educational programs and state and federal legislation.
  9. Examine major trends in commercial aquaculture and emerging opportunities.
  10. Explore use of new communication technology and innovative reporting techniques.


Principal Investigator(s)/Institution Objectives Funding
Carol R. Engle (U. of Arkansas at Pine Bluff) 1-10 $3,005



Workshop Outline.pdf

Project Number: 1

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