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Guidelines for NCRfishculture Listserv

  • The Center maintains a broadcast email list for the aquaculture community in the North Central Region with the purpose of communicating upcoming events and issues related to aquaculture.  All electronic messages must meet federal and state laws, and University regulations and policies governing public computing resources, security considerations, and ethics in computing.
  • The listserv is a professional forum, with subscribers expecting that responses to their posts will be respectful and considerate.
  • Each message must identify an individual address as its sender.  Messages must be short and concise, approximately 100-150 words  For topics that require more information, summarize the email message and insert a link to more detailed information.
  • Emails of personal nature, e.g., notices of items for sale, lost  or found items, and solicitation of goods or services are not allowed.
  • Messages that contain political or religious issues are not allowed.
  • Commercial messages will not be posted on the listserv.