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NCRAC 2020 Conference Listening Sessions Summary

Dear NCRAC Members,

We would once again like to thank those of you that attended the NCRAC 2020 conference in Columbus, Ohio and truly appreciate the great feedback provided especially during our listening session discussions. Our goals for the listening sessions were two-fold.

One was to develop effective communication between research and industry, which we believe was achieved.  Second, was to use the feedback in the listening sessions to optimize and clarify the direction to the future submittal of pre-proposals by the research and extension community. 

Materials from these listening session include our initial draft of a document of the needs for the industry using information garnered from these sessions as well as a publication of identified priorities from white papers that were developed in 2000. 



Pictures and notes taken during the listening sessions can be found here (select "download" after following the link). Windows users requiring assistance opening a .ZIP file please visit:

Mac Users: