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Walleye Culture Manual

This 300-page plus manual contains information related various culture practices including, in part, hatchery operations, fingerling culture, and nutrition.

Walleye Culture Manual (EDC-79A -bound version)

You can download this manual below in PDF format.  Click on the highlighted link:

 TitleSize (KB)
Table of Contents and Preface 1,004
Chapter 1Introduction172
Chapter 2Reproductive Biology and Spawning4,859
Chapter 3 Collection and Care of Broodfish681
Chapter 4Transportation and Handling of Walleye Eggs, Fry, Fingerlings and Broodstock631
Chapter 5 Walleye Fingerling Culture in Drainable Ponds2,897
Chapter 6 Walleye Fingerling Culture in Undrainable Ponds1,417
Chapter 7Intensive Culture of Walleye Fry2,453
Chapter 8Habituating Pond-Reared Fingerlings to Formulated Feed1,034
Chapter 9Aquaculture of Walleye as a Food Fish826
Chapter 10 Cage Culture of Walleye1,199
Chapter 11 Engineering Design of a Water Reuse System1,175
Chapter 12Hybrid Walleye62
Chapter 13Diet and Nutrition130
Chapter 14Genetic Markers and Stock Identification160
Chapter 15Selective Breeding of Walleye: Building Block for Closed System Aquaculture163
Chapter 16Diseases and Chemotherapeutics1,467
Chapter 17 Economic Analysis for Walleye Aquaculture Enterprises925
Appendix 443

Publication Number: NCRAC Culture Series 101