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Feeding Yellow Perch Fry
Fish Health Care

Part of a series of WorldFish training videos on aquaculture ( this instructional video covers each step in the fish health care process and shares tips for ensuring water and fish seed quality.

Fish Health: What you need to know as an aquaculture producer

The old adage ‘You aren’t a fish farmer until you kill a million fish’ doesn’t have to be true.

From beginner to seasoned producer, attention to the health of your fish should be a high priority to prevent things going from bad to worse. Understanding the basics of fish health is the first step towards saving your fish. This presentation will provide aquaculture producers with a broad overview of fish health topics, including signs of distress and disease, DIY diagnostics, when to call the veterinarian, and the process and policy of fish health inspections.

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Fish Processing Plant Sanitation
FSIS Part I Final Rule

Mandatory inspection of fish of the order Siluriformes and products derived from such fish.

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FSIS Part II Labeling Requirements

Labeling Requirements for Siluriformes Fish and Fish Products

This presentation will cover the labeling features required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) on Siluriformes fish and fish products. The different types of label approval will be discussed, along with procedures for label submission. Also covered will be the FSIS policy on the use of pressure sensitive stickers and what FSIS requires to be included in a labeling record.

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Growing and Maintaining Natural Feeds for Yellow Perch Fry
Hybrid Striped Bass Aquaculture
Indoor Shrimp Aquaculture

This webinar will describe some of the logic behind growing shrimp indoors and the opportunities this technique can open. Dr. Ray’s presentation will largely cover many of the “nuts and bolts” of indoor shrimp culture, including different types of systems that can be used and how those systems are managed, water quality considerations, shrimp health issues, marketing options, and some of the

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Investing in Fresh Water Aquaculture Part 1