U.S. Farm-Raised Finfish and Shellfish 101

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A Free Webinar for Retailers and Foodservice Providers

The National Aquaculture Association, North Central Regional Aquaculture Center and United States Aquaculture Society are offering a webinar to help retailers and foodservice providers better understand aquaculture production methods and products, answer consumer questions, and sell more U.S. farm-raised seafood.

Seafood can be a very confusing commodity with a thousand different species harvested and farmed in many different ways. Currently, over 50% of the seafood consumed worldwide is farmed. Join us to learn more and have your questions answered.

This informative webinar will cover:
• What is aquaculture?
• What types of production systems are used?
• What products are produced?
• What are the environmental impacts?
• Is aquaculture sustainable?

To sell more U.S. farm-raised seafood, it is critical to understand consumer attitudes, concerns, and needs. This is an opportunity to learn more about U.S. aquaculture and how it meets your need to provide safe, sustainable, local seafood for your customers.

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This webinar series is presented by NCRAC funded by USDA/NIFA grant #2012-38500-19550.

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