Regulatory Costs of U.S. Aquaculture Business

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Many aquaculture producers and scientists have long pointed to an excessively burdensome regulatory environment in the U.S. as a constraint to growth and development of U.S. aquaculture. However, there has been little research done to determine the magnitude of the specific costs incurred by aquaculture producers in the U.S. as they comply with regulations. This 1-hour webinar will present results of the first-ever study to measure the specific costs of regulations on one segment of U.S. aquaculture. While this study focused on baitfish and sportfish farms in the U.S., results are likely to be of interest to the broader aquaculture community and to state regulatory agencies.

This 1-hour webinar will discuss which costs were found to be the largest and how these costs affect U.S. baitfish and sportfish farms. New studies under development to similarly measure regulatory costs on U.S. West Coast shellfish growers and U.S. trout and salmon farmers will also be discussed.

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This webinar series is presented by NCRAC funded by USDA/NIFA grant #2012-38500-19550.

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