Aquaponics - How To Do It Yourself!

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Aquaponics: How to Do It Yourself! A Free Webinar for Aquaponics Producers from Hobbyist to Commercial

The National Aquaculture Association, North Central Regional Aquaculture Center and United States Aquaculture Society are offering a webinar to help those exploring the world of aquaponics to design and manage a system that will produce food for the home or can be scaled up as a commercial operation. Participants will better understand aquaponic production methods, systems, operational management and products. Additionally, realities of economic viability and food safety and  environmental sustainability will be discussed. Aquaponics provides producers and environmentally conscious way to produce and sell more U.S. farm-raised seafood. This is an opportunity to learn more about U.S. aquaculture and how it meets your need to provide safe, sustainable, local seafood for your customers.



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This webinar series is presented by NCRAC funded by USDA/NIFA grant #2012-38500-19550.

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