AIS-HACCP for Aquaculture and Baitfish Operations

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Although baitfish and aquaculture industries pose no or a very low risk of spreading aquatic invasive species (AIS), the industries have been proactive in implementing systems to help ensure that any potential risk is minimized. Without adequate risk assessment of individual operations, regulations could be imposed which would unnecessarily negatively impact the viability of these industries and still not effectively reduce the risk of spreading AIS. This webinar will discuss the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) concept as a mechanism to help reduce the risk of introduction of AIS to uninfested areas. The advantages of the HACCP system are that it can effectively deal with a diverse industry, it has proven to be a good partnership between industry and government regulators, and when properly applied is effective. The HACCP approach concentrates on the points in the process that are critical to the safety of the product, minimizes risks, and stresses communication between regulators and the industry.

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