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A. C. Camus, Durborow, R. M., Hemstreet, W. G., Thune, R. L., and Hawke, J. P., Aeromonas Bacterial Infections - Motile Aeromonad Septicemia, 478, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0478.pdf (201.03 KB)
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J. Gunderson, Richards, C., and Tucker, P., Aquaculture Potential for Hornyhead Chubs, 116, 2010.PDF icon hornyheadtechbulletin_0.pdf (816.12 KB)
D. B. Strombom and Tweed, S. M., Business Planning for Aquaculture - Is It Feasible?, 150, 1992.PDF icon NRAC0150.pdf (59.9 KB)
C. S. Tucker, Characterization and Management of Effluents from Aquaculture Ponds in the Southeastern United States, 600, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0600.pdf (322.84 KB)
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G. D. Treece and D. Davis, A., Culture of Small Zooplankters for the Feeding of Larval Fish, 701, 2000.PDF icon SRAC0701.pdf (134 KB)
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J. A. Hargreaves and Tucker, C. S., Measuring Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in Aquaculture, 4601, 2002.PDF icon SRAC4601.pdf (614.23 KB)
J. L. Gunderson and Tucker, P., The Status and Needs of Baitfish Aquaculture in the North Central Region, 2000.PDF icon baitfish32900.pdf (63.3 KB)