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A. C. Camus, Durborow, R. M., Hemstreet, W. G., Thune, R. L., and Hawke, J. P., Aeromonas Bacterial Infections - Motile Aeromonad Septicemia, 478, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0478.pdf (201.03 KB)
M. W. Brunson, C. Lutz, G., and Durborow, R. M., Algae Blooms in Commercial Fish Production Ponds, 466, 1994.PDF icon SRAC0466.pdf (87.6 KB)
R. M. Durborow, Crosby, D. M., and Brunson, M. W., Ammonia in Fish Ponds, 463, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0463.pdf (84.92 KB)
G. Dvorak, Biosecurity for Aquaculture Facilities in the North Central Region, FS115, 2009.PDF icon FS115Biosecurity.pdf (471.55 KB)
R. M. Durborow, Thune, R. L., Hawke, J. P., and Camus, A. C., Columnaris Disease: A Bacterial Infection Caused by Flavobacterium columnare, 479, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0479b.pdf (151.41 KB)
G. D. Treece and D. Davis, A., Culture of Small Zooplankters for the Feeding of Larval Fish, 701, 2000.PDF icon SRAC0701.pdf (134 KB)
R. D. Dunning, Losordo, T. M., and Hobbs, A. O., The Economics of Recirculating Tank Systems: A Spreadsheet for Individual Analysis, 456, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0456.pdf (117.34 KB)
S. Daily, Seloc, D., and Kohler, S., Fish-Farm Business Plan Workbook, 117, 2002.PDF icon TB117.pdf (10.56 MB)
R. M. Durborow, Mitchell, A. J., and M. Crosby, D., Ich (White Spot Disease), 476, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0476.pdf (265.39 KB)
W. M. Sealey, Barziza, D. E., Davis, J. T., and Gatlin, III, D. M., Improving Feeds for Hybrid Striped Bass, 304, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0304.pdf (104.73 KB)
W. A. Wurts and Durborow, R. M., Interactions of pH, Carbon Dioxide, Alkalinity and Hardness in Fish Ponds, 464, 1992.PDF icon SRAC0464.pdf (74.39 KB)
R. M. Durborow and Francis-Floyd, R., Medicated Feed for Food Fish, 473, 1996.PDF icon SRAC0473.pdf (67.7 KB)
R. M. Durborow, Crosby, D. M., and Brunson, M. W., Nitrite in Fish Ponds, 462, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0462.pdf (100.45 KB)
R. W. Rottmann, Francis-Floyd, R., and Durborow., R., The Role of Stress in Fish Disease, 474, 1992.PDF icon SRAC0474.pdf (43.08 KB)