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S. K. Thomas, Sullivan, R. M., Vertrees, R. L., and Floyd, D. W., Aquaculture Law in the North Central States, 101, 1992.PDF icon tb101.pdf (467.87 KB)
L. Swann, A Basic Overview of Aquaculture, 102, 1992.PDF icon tb102.pdf (296.67 KB)
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S. T. Kohler and Selock, D. A., Choosing an Organizational Structure for Your Aquaculture Business, FS103, 1992.PDF icon ncrac103.pdf (40.01 KB)
B. J. Higginbotham and Clary, G. M., Development and Management of Fishing Leases, 481, 1992.PDF icon SRAC0481.pdf (99.57 KB)
G. L. Jensen and Brunson, M. W., Harvesting Warmwater Fish, 394, 1992.PDF icon SRAC0394.pdf (5.02 MB)
W. A. Wurts and Durborow, R. M., Interactions of pH, Carbon Dioxide, Alkalinity and Hardness in Fish Ponds, 464, 1992.PDF icon SRAC0464.pdf (74.39 KB)
D. L. Garling and University, M. State, Making Plans for Commercial Aquaculture in the North Central Region, FS101, 1992.PDF icon plans.pdf (71.4 KB)
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J. M. Regenstein, Processing and Marketing Aquacultured Fish, 140, 1992.PDF icon NRAC0140.pdf (36.81 KB)
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R. W. Rottmann, Francis-Floyd, R., and Durborow., R., The Role of Stress in Fish Disease, 474, 1992.PDF icon SRAC0474.pdf (43.08 KB)
L. Swann and Fitzgerald, S., Use and Application of Salt in Aquaculture, FS105, 1992.PDF icon Use and Application of Salt in Aquaculture.pdf (20.55 KB)