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J. A. Hargreaves, Control of Clay Turbidity, 460, 1999.PDF icon SRAC0462.pdf (100.45 KB)
M. W. Brunson, Stone, N., and Hargreaves, J., Fertilization of Fish Ponds, 471, 1999.PDF icon SRAC0471.pdf (86.13 KB)
R. J. Riepe, Marketing Seafood to Restaurants in the North Central Region, FS110, 1999.PDF icon ncrac110.pdf (251.08 KB)
J. E. Morris and Mischke, C. C., Plankton Management for Fish Culture Ponds, 114, 1999.PDF icon TB114.pdf (1.74 MB)
J. E. Morris, Kohler, C. C., and Mischke, C. C., Pond Culture of Hybrid Striped Bass in the North Central Region, FS107, 1999.PDF icon FS107.pdf (1.21 MB)
T. M. Losordo, Masser, Mp., and Rakocy, J. E., Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems: A Review of Component Options, 453, 1999.PDF icon SRAC0453.pdf (386.58 KB)
Mp. Masser, Rakocy, J., and Losordo, T. M., Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems: Management of Recirculating Systems, 452, 1999.PDF icon SRAC0452.pdf (108.75 KB)
N. Stone, Renovating Leaky Ponds, 105, 1999.PDF icon SRAC0105.pdf (93.41 KB)
R. J. Riepe, Supermarkets and Seafood in the North Central Region, FS112, 1999.PDF icon ncrac112.pdf (286 KB)
C. C. Kohler, A White Paper on the Status and Needs of Hybrid Striped Bass Aquaculture in the North Central Region, 1999.PDF icon HSBWhitePaper.pdf (157.08 KB)
G. M. Ludwig, Zooplankton Succession and Larval Fish Culture in Freshwater Ponds, 700, 1999.PDF icon SRAC0700.pdf (74.93 KB)
A. C. Camus, Durborow, R. M., Hemstreet, W. G., Thune, R. L., and Hawke, J. P., Aeromonas Bacterial Infections - Motile Aeromonad Septicemia, 478, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0478.pdf (201.03 KB)
C. R. Engle, Analysis of Regional and National Markets for Aquacultural Food Products in the Southern Region, 601, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0601.pdf (521.88 KB)
M. Beem, Aquaculture: Realities and Potentials When Getting Started, 441, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0441.pdf (140.93 KB)
C. S. Tucker, Characterization and Management of Effluents from Aquaculture Ponds in the Southeastern United States, 600, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0600.pdf (322.84 KB)
R. M. Durborow, Thune, R. L., Hawke, J. P., and Camus, A. C., Columnaris Disease: A Bacterial Infection Caused by Flavobacterium columnare, 479, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0479b.pdf (151.41 KB)
R. D. Dunning, Losordo, T. M., and Hobbs, A. O., The Economics of Recirculating Tank Systems: A Spreadsheet for Individual Analysis, 456, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0456.pdf (117.34 KB)
G. M. Ludwig, Stone, N. M., and Collins, C., Fertilization of Fish Fry Ponds, 469, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0469.pdf (223.11 KB)
R. M. Durborow, Mitchell, A. J., and M. Crosby, D., Ich (White Spot Disease), 476, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0476.pdf (265.39 KB)
W. M. Sealey, Barziza, D. E., Davis, J. T., and Gatlin, III, D. M., Improving Feeds for Hybrid Striped Bass, 304, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0304.pdf (104.73 KB)
J. A. Steeby, Stone, N., H. Killian, S., and Carman, D. K., Repairing Fish Pond Levees, 104, 1998.PDF icon SRAC0104.pdf (130.86 KB)
J. R. Riepe, Walleye Markets in the North Central Region: Results of a 1996-97 Survey, 113, 1998.PDF icon tb113.pdf (6.89 MB)
R. M. Durborow, Crosby, D. M., and Brunson, M. W., Ammonia in Fish Ponds, 463, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0463.pdf (84.92 KB)
T. G. Meronek, Copes, F. A., and Coble, D. W., The Bait Industry in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, 105, 1997.PDF icon tb105_0.pdf (72.08 KB)
Mp. Masser, Cage Culture: Cage Construction, Placement, and Aeration, 162, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0162.pdf (178.08 KB)
Mp. Masser, Cage Culture: Handling and Feeding Caged Fish, 164, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0164.pdf (157.88 KB)
Mp. Masser, Cage Culture: Site Selection and Water Quality, 161, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0161.pdf (119.71 KB)
Mp. Masser, Cage Culture: Species Suitable for Cage Culture, 163, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0163.pdf (125.23 KB)
T. L. Wellborn and Brunson, M. W., Construction of Levee-type Ponds for Fish Production, 101, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0101.pdf (94.71 KB)
G. A. Littauer, Glahn, J. F., Reinhold, D. S., and Brunson, M. W., Control of Bird Predation at Aquaculture Facilities: Strategies and Cost Estimates, 402, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0402.pdf (111.49 KB)
R. J. Riepe, Costs of Pond Production of Yellow Perch in the North Central Region, 1994-95, FS111, 1997.PDF icon ncrac111.pdf (58.01 KB)
P. Brown and Gunderson, J., Culture Potential of Selected Crayfishes in the North Central Region, 112, 1997.PDF icon tb112.pdf (92.18 KB)
C. R. Engle and Stone, N. M., Developing Business Proposals for Aquaculture Loans, 381, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0381.pdf (105.11 KB)
J. Rosscup Riepe, Enterprise Budgets for Yellow Perch Production in Cages and Ponds in the North Central Region, 1994-95, 111, 1997.PDF icon tb111.pdf (162.88 KB)
Mp. Masser and Lazur, A., In-Pond Raceways, 170, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0170.pdf (262.19 KB)
R. M. Durborow, Crosby, D. M., and Brunson, M. W., Nitrite in Fish Ponds, 462, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0462.pdf (100.45 KB)
A. M. Lazur and Britt, D. C., Pond Recirculating Production Systems, 455, 1997.PDF icon SRAC0455.pdf (226.09 KB)
, Proceedings of the 1997 NCRAC Aquaculture Conference. 1997.