Yellow Perch Larval Mortality Burst


Develop Systems and Diet Strategies to Reduce Yellow Perch Larval Mortality Burst in Indoor Recirculating Aquaculture Systems


The Tenth Yellow Perch Project .  Chaired by: Hanping Wang, Ohio State University


  1. Develop system(s) to address physical and behavioral barriers to enhance mass production and survival of yellow perch (YP) from onset of first feeding up to 70 days.
  2. Develop strategies to increase survival of fry and larvae of yellow perch reared indoors using different feeding regimens.


Institution Principal Investigator Objectives year1 Year2 Totals
Ohio State University Hanping Wang 2 & deliverables $53,465 $46,535 $100,000
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Christopher F. Hartleb/Gregory Fischer 1 & deliverables $40,500 $34,500 $75,000
Iowa State University D. Allen Pattillo deliverables $5,300 $9,700 $15,000
  TOTAL       $190,000

Final Larval YP proposal.pdf

Termination Report


Develop systems and diet strategies to reduce yellow perch larval mortality burst in indoor RAS

Feeding Yellow Perch Fry

Growing & Maintaining Natural Feeds for Yellow Perch Fry

Published: September 12, 2013

Project Number: Project Number: 10

09/01/2013 to 08/31/2015
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