National Aquaculture INAD/NADA Coordinator Funded Project #2


(funded project #2)


The Second National Aquaculture INAD/NADA Coordinator Funded Project - Facilitated by Ted R. Batterson


  1. Ensure effective communications among groups involved with Investigational New Animal Drug/New Animal Drug Applications (INADs/NADAs), including Canada.
  2. Serve as an information conduit between INAD/NADA applicants and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM).
  3. Identify and encourage prospective INAD participants to become involved in specific investigational studies and NADA approval-related research.
  4. Seek the support and participation of pharmaceutical sponsors for INAD studies and NADAs and coordinate with INAD/NADA sponsors to achieve CVM approval more quickly.
  5. Guide prospective and current INAD holders on the format for INAD exemption requests and related submissions to CVM.
  6. Identify existing data and remaining data requirements for NADA approvals.
  7. Review, record, and provide information on the status of INADs and NADAs.
  8. Encourage and seek opportunities for consolidating the INAD/NADA applications.
  9. Coordinate educational efforts on aquaculture drugs as appropriate.
  10. Identify potential funding sources for INAD/NADA activities.


Principal Investigator/Institution Objectives


Michigan State Univesity     1 - 10





This project was comprised of several grants which are listed below.

Project Outline (pdf) Grant Date Grant Amount Grant Number Grant Report
Outline 7/15/04-7/14/05


Outline 9/1/05 - 8/31/06


Outline 9/1/06 - 8/31/08


2006-38500-16900 Report (191K)
Outline 5/15/08 - 5/14/09



Report (162K)

Project Number: 2

07/15/2004 to 05/14/2009
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