Methyltestosterone Literature Review


Environmental Assessment of Use of 17"-methyltestosterone for Sex Inversion of Newly Hatched Tilapia: A Literature Review to Support the Investigational New Animal Drug Exemption and New Animal Drug Application for 17"-methyltestosterone


Second Aquaculture Drugs Project - Methyltestosterone Literature Review

The objectives of this study, from December 1, 1996 to December 31, 1997, was

  1. Conduct a thorough review of computerized scientific literature data bases.
  2. Obtain relevant scientific papers and review.
  3. Prepare the environmental assessment for submission to FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM).
Principal Investigator(s)/Institution Objectives Funding
Ronald P. Phelps/Bartholomew W. Green  (Auburn University)     1-3 $950

Project Outline (92K pdf file)

Project Report (150K pdf file)

Author: Ronald P. Phelps
Project Number: 2

12/01/1996 to 12/31/1997
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