Metagenomic Analysis of Microbial Populations in Aquaponics Systems


Chaired by Matthew Rogge

1. Collect microbial samples from multiple sites within an aquaponics system and from various systems across a
    geographic range and extract bacterial DNA using commercially-available kits.
2. Submit DNA samples to the UW-Madison Biotechnology Center for PCR amplification, Illumina
    next-generation sequencing, and bioinformatics analyses to compare microbial populations
    among sampling sites within a system, among systems at a single production site, and among
    production sites in the North-Central Region (NCR).
3. Develop a fact sheet explaining the importance of microbial populations in an aquaponics system,
    including the risk that certain organisms can cause (e.g., plant, fish, and human pathogens),
    develop a recorded presentation for dissemination using the NCRAC website, and produce oral
    presentations and a peer-reviewed manuscript.


Principal Investigators/Institution Objectives Total
Matthew Rogge (Univ. of WI-Stevens Point 1, 2, 3 $18,596
Nicholas Phelps 1, 3 $4,500
Danial Graf 2, 3 $1,500
Total   $24,596

Project Outline

Termination Report

Project Number: 1

Award Amount: $24,596

Principal Investigator: Matthew Rogge

07/01/2016 to 06/30/2017
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