Funded Project #26 - Assessing the Status of Aquaculture Associations in the NCR



The Twenty-sixth Project 

Chaired by Carole Engle


  1. To design and implement a survey of aquaculture producers throughout the NCR to identify reasons why they have either never joined a state association, joined but then did not renew their membership, or are current members.
  2. To measure how producers value the various types of activities undertaken by state associations, identify the types of services or programs that would attract membership, and identify barriers and challenges to organizing and sustaining state aquaculture associations.

  3. To develop strategies likely to increase membership and strengthen state associations.


Principal Investigator/Instutition Objectives


Carole Engle/Paul Zajicek (Engle-Stone/NAA)    1 -3


Chris Weeks (Michigan State University)



Nicholas Phelps (Univ. of Minnesota) 1-3 $3,500
Kwamena Quagrainie 1-3 $3,477
Tom Worley (OSU) 1-3 $3,500

Project Outline

Termination Report

Project Number: 26

07/01/2016 to 06/30/2017
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