Evaluate Phase II Production of Bluegill Sunfish


Evaluate Phase II Production of Bluegill Sunfish Comparing a Least-Cost Diet Utilized in the Phase I Verification Study Compared to an “Industry Standard” for One Production Cycle


The fifth nutrition funded project.  Chaired by Charles E. Hicks.


  1. Using consistent protocols, evaluate/determine performance of age-2 bluegill fed the diet (41% protein/<8.3% lipid) previously developed by a NCRAC funded project compared to an “industry standard” diet used in the on-going project at two distinct latitude locations in ponds for one growing season.
  2. Coordinate dissemination of project results with the NCRAC Technical Committee/Extension Subcommittee.  The expected deliverable will be a technical bulletin containing such detailed information as growth, production parameters, size composition, and survival using data collected over grow out to market size, i.e., the first year from the on-going plus this year’s project.


Principal Investigator(s)/Institution  Objectives


Charles E. Hicks/James E. Wetzel (Lincoln University)  1 & 2 $35,475
Paul B. Brown/Robert. A. Rode (Purdue) 1 & 2 $  3,050
Christopher F. Hartleb (U of Wisconsin-Stevens Point) 1 & 2 $36,475



Bluegill Diet Verification project outline final w Letter of Support.pdf

Project Outline

2015 Annual Report

Project Number: 5

09/01/2012 to 08/31/2013
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