Culture Technology of Salmonids #2


(funded project #2)


The second Salmonids Funded Project. Chaired by Paul Brown


  1. To continue evaluations of all-female diploid, all-female triploids, and mixed-sex diploids through sexual maturity and to use brood stock developed in the region to produce all-female diploid and all-female triploid trout populations.
  2. To continue development of less-polluting diets by: (a) quantifying absorption of crude protein in rainbow trout fed commonly-available feedstuffs substituted at varying levels in the diet (evaluation of associative effects); (b) develop baseline effluent values from several types of salmonid aquaculture facilities located in the region; (c) to develop and field test a mass balance method to estimate phosphorous levels from feed sources in hatchery effluents; and (d) quantify phosphorous absorption from common feedstuffs fed to Atlantic salmon.
  3. To determine the practical limits on rearing density of juvenile rainbow trout by examining the effects of selected high rearing densities on trout stress responses, survival and growth in both experimental tanks and production raceways.


Principal Investigator/Institution Objectives


Robert J. Sheehan (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)      1


Paul B. Brown (Purdue University)      2


Donald L. Garling (Michigan State University)      2


Terrence B. Kayes (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)      3


Jeffrey A. Malison/Terence P. Barry (University of Wisconsin-Madison)      3





Project Outline (236K pdf file)

Report Termination for Objective 1 (55K pdf file)

Report Termination for Ojbectives 2 and 3 (38K pdf file)

Project Number: 2

09/01/1992 to 08/31/1995
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