Baitfish Funded Project #1



The Baitfish Project was chaired by Dan Coble.  The objectives of the project include:

1. Conduct a comprehensive survey of the status of the bait fish industry in selected north central states to determine: a. species used; b. sizes of species marketed; c. sources of species; d. seasonal availability; e. shortfalls in supplies; f. relative value of various fish and nonfish species; and g. common problems of the industry that may need to be addressed by research.

2. Estimate the costs of culturing bait species commonly used in the North Central Region in selected types of production facilities, e.g., extensive and intensive pond culture, tanks, raceways.

3. Estimate the economic contribution (output, employment, income) generated by the bait industry to selected state economies.

4. Assemble a list of rules and regulations for each state affecting the bait fish culture industry.

5. As time permits, summarize biological life cycle information for several underused or unused species that have culture potential and which may match needs of the regional industry.


Principal Investigator(s)/Institution Objective Funding
Frederick A. Copes/ Daniel W. Coble (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)    1-5 $50,000
Leroy J. Hushak (Ohio State University) 2 & 3 $11,970
  Total $61,973

Baitfish Project Outline (121K pdf file)

The Bait Industry in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin (Technical Bulletin #105)

Termination Report (43K pdf file)

Project Number: 1

09/01/1992 to 09/30/1995
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