Advancement of Yellow Perch Aquaculture #8


(funded project 8)


The eighth Yellow Perch Project .  Chaired by Jeff Malison


  1. Develop or investigate reliable, profitable, and sustainable production systems to rear feed-trained yellow perch to market size.
  2. Continued development of grow-out diets and feeding strategies for feed-trained yellow perch in ponds and recirculating systems.
  3. Extension

            a.  Conduct additional yellow perch forums and publish proceedings.

            b.  Develop fact sheets that not only review the literature but also indicate successes and failures of commercial yellow perch aquaculture.

            c.  Identify a yellow perch information specialist who can visit state associations.


Principal Investigator(s)/Institution Objectives


David A. Smith (Freshwater Farms of Ohio, Inc.)       1


Donald J. McFeeters/Laura G. Tiu/Geoffrey K. Wallat (Ohio State University)       1


Paul B. Brown (Purdue University)       2


Jeffrey A. Malison (University of Wisconsin-Madison)       2


Fred P. Binkowski (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)   1 & 3





Termination Report (154K pdf file)

Project Number: 8

09/01/2001 to 08/31/2004
Award Amount: 
Award Number: 
00-38500-8994 ($326,730) and 2001-38500-10369 ($125,016)
Project Type: