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Optimization of Practical Feed Formulation to Improve Fish Health and Production of Yellow Perch (Perca Flavescens) Project



We hypothesize that optimization of dietary carbohydrate used in fish feed will help to increase fish health and growth performance as well as reduce feed cost for yellow perch. Specifically, we will investigate how different carbohydrates influence 1) growth performance and nutrient utilization in laboratory and farm conditions; 2) fish tolerance in response to acute temperature shocks or hypoxia challenge; and 3) bacterial community composition and active community fraction in the host gut across diet regimes.


The ultimate goal of this proposal is to increase the profitability of yellow perch aquaculture by developing nutritionally balanced and cost effective feed. To achieve this goal, the objectives of our two-year project are to

  1. Optimize practical feed formulation by determining the optimal dietary carbohydrate in feed for yellow perch based on growth performance and nutrient utilization;
  2. Evaluate effects of different diets on gut microbial ecology and stress tolerance of yellow perch;
  3. Determine production efficiency of the new feed at laboratory and commercial farms;
  4. Transfer technology and disseminate findings to industries to enhance the applications of findings.


Chairperson:                                                   Dong-Fang Deng, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Industry Advisory Council Liaison(s):              Rich Lackaff

Extension Liaison(s):                                       Dr. Jamilynn Poletto University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Project Outline


Termination Report

Funding Request:                                               $ 169,467

Duration:                                                              2 Years (July 1, 2019 –June 30, 2023)


Award Amount


Award Number

2016-38500-25753, Year 1; 2018-38500-28887, Year 2

Principal Investigator

Dr. Dong-Fang Deng