NCR Aquaculture Survey

January 23, 2017

Striving to Improve North Central Region Aquaculture Businesses Through Strong State Aquaculture Associations

The North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC) will soon be seeking input from aquaculture and aquaponic producers, as well as baitfish harvesters in the region to identify ways to strengthen state aquaculture associations. Aquaculture producers in states with active and engaged associations have benefitted from various services and assistance provided, but not all states in the region have active aquaculture associations. Currently, less than half of the states in the North Central Region have associations with regular meetings and elections.

A national survey was conducted recently to assess the benefits of industry associations; only 1% of total survey respondents were from the North Central Region. Thus, results from this national survey are not representative of this region. The NCRAC survey is focusing only on the North Central Region, and NCRAC is requesting your participation to complete the questionnaire. We believe information gathered from your responses will directly help to strengthen industry associations.  

All aquaculture/aquaponic farmers and baitfish harvesters will be contacted for their input regardless of whether they have ever joined an association or not. The online questionnaire will be sent via e-mail, although alternative methods may be utilized if an Internet-based survey is not possible. The survey should not take more than 5-7 minutes to complete. Some of the information gathered will include whether you have ever joined an association or not, what services from a state association would be beneficial to your farm, and what barriers or constraints you see in developing/expanding a state aquaculture association in your state.

All responses to these surveys will be kept confidential and developed reports will only include general categories of responses. Whether you are currently part of an association or not, we ask that, when the time comes, that you please participate to help strengthen aquaculture as a whole throughout the region. A key element to the success of this project is acquiring input from farmers who are not currently members of any state aquaculture association as well as those who are.

If you are a producer or a baitfish harvester and are not contacted to complete a questionnaire (either by e-mail or phone) by January 31, 2017 then please contact Dr. Carole Engle at (TEL:  870-489-4259), and we will get the survey to you right away. Thank you for your help with this initiative to strengthen aquaculture businesses in the North Central Region.

Carole Engle, Nick Phelps, Kwamena Quagrainie, Matthew Smith, Chris Weeks, and Paul Zajicek

Engle-Stone Aquatic$ LLC, University of Minnesota, Purdue University, Ohio State University, Michigan State University, National Aquaculture Association

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