FY2022-23 Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA) RFP

October 13, 2021

This request for proposals (RFP) encourages researchers to present proposals that address specific soy research needs identified by SAA.
Specific Research Goals
The mission of the SAA research program is to increase demand for soy as a preferred ingredient in aquaculture feed. Advancing fundamental understanding of nutrition for aquatic species through research will help attain the SAA goal. Specific program area priorities include:
• Systems: Research into intensive aquaculture systems that will support expansion of U.S. soy usage in aquaculture diets.
• Genetics: Genetic research for finfish and shrimp that increases the knowledge base allowing greater inclusion of U.S. soy into aquaculture diets.
• Genetics: Development of improved reproduction of species using U.S. soy in their diets.
• Dietary Formulations and Nutrition: Holistic research into expanding the practical and rational inclusion of U.S. soy into aquaculture diets.
• Nutrition Differentiation: Research to differentiate the value of U.S. soybean meal in aquaculture diets.
Within each focus area, proposed research projects should include the following:
1. U.S. soy protein ingredients as a major protein source in feeds for farmed fish or crustaceans
2. U.S. soy oil as a fish oil replacement in feeds for farmed fish or crustaceans.
Consideration: Since the goal of SAA is to increase demand for U.S. soy products in aquaculture feeds for the aquaculture industry, which is global, proposed research should focus on species farmed, or likely to be farmed, in the USA and that also have application internationally. Transfer of enabling technologies to international aquaculture production leading to higher U.S. soy use is expected to be an outcome of SAA-supported research.